Business is a balance of one’s vision of the future and one’s fundamentals. Your communication infrastructure plays an ever-increasing role in today’s digital business. It runs the applications that drive the business forward, secures critical information and assets, strengthens customer relationships through enhanced communications.

Wireless Infrastructure Networks (WIN) unleashes possibilities with our high performance communication solutions to support critical business needs and new capabilities, while increasing security, efficiency and agility.

Wireless Network


Microwave are renowned for their reliability, scalability and non-obsolescence. With the proliferation usage of smart devices, networks today not only have to address the growing demand for bandwidth but also the diverse range of interfaces and traffic types. The Evo™ series serves both Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint transmission needs within the 5GHz to 80GHz frequency band.

Our world class solutions address the backhauling needs of both green-field and brown-field deployments for our customers.

Gemtelco offers a comprehensive suite of Wireless Infrastructure Networks (WIN) products, not only for transmission networks but also for 4G radio access networks, Metro Wi-Fi as well as Element and Network management systems.

Wireless Network

Radio Access Network (RAN)

Smart phones and other smart devices are the major drivers in voice call and mobile data traffic. With such demands from subscribers, we need to continuously advance our telecommunication networks.

All wireless devices are dependent on outdoor and indoor coverage.  

Services such as voice call under 3G/4G/5G, VoLTE, mobile broadband or data services rely on the coverage and quality of networks.

Mobile phones and other smart devices are connected via radio access network to the mobile operator’s core network. It is a major part of modern network architectures (3G/LTE & 5G).

Wireless Network


More cost-effective, secure, energy efficient and customer-focused network of the future.

Open RAN is a hot topic in mobile telecoms. At its simplest, the concept is for a more open radio access network architecture than provided today. Many different claims have been made as to the potential of Open RAN to improve competition, network flexibility and cost. GemTelco, as a world leading supplier of patents and equipment for 4G and 5G networks, has been involved in the early stage developments of this technology and is a leading contributor to the O-RAN Alliance.

Open Radio Access Networks (RAN) is a new approach to building the mobile networks that are needed to connect smartphones and devices to the internet and other users. Traditional RAN solutions generally require telecommunications operators to work with single suppliers across an entire mobile site. This approach can be a barrier to entry for smaller suppliers that might not have the financial requirements or the resources to build and manage solutions across the entire RAN ecosystem (e.g. radio antenna, baseband units, CU/DU servers, management and orchestration software etc.).

Wireless Network

Tetra, VHF, UHF, DMR

Mission-critical communications helping you respond & achieve.

GemTelco support you on ensuring TETRA portable / handheld, mobile / vehicle-mounted and fixed-base devices, as well as the network infrastructure, provide secure, reliable and instant voice and data communications in mission critical, operations critical and business critical environments.

We deliver as well DMR Two Way Radios; when you need exceptional digital communications.

We offer full support for traditional VHF and UHF comms, and can integrate them into more modern technologies too.

Communication is the key to safety, and VHF/UHF Two-Way Radios can provide a reliable and efficient way to keep everyone connected on the job.


Many radios feature both VHF and UHF interoperability—delivering clear, reliable Line-Of-Sight and Beyond-Line-Of-Sight communications.

These systems are easily adaptable to different environments and are configurable from man-pack, to mobile, vehicle and base stations.

GemTelco supports customers around the world. A vast range of defence personnel, including border security, paramilitary police, coast guard and national defence forces rely on our specialised products and solutions.