High-performance connectivity is crucial for any digital transformation​

High-performance connectivity and communications are foundational to digital transformation across manufacturing, mining, energy utilities, offshore & processing industries, ports, airports, smart cities, healthcare, and more. Private 4G and 5G networks provide reliable, secure, and agile connectivity to support the adoption, use and scaling of new and emerging, data-driven technologies.

Modern enterprises have stringent requirements related to their throughput, for example high bandwidth, while ensuring low latency. This is especially important with industry 4.0 and the emergence of Industrial IoT or Healthcare devices.

Any impact on operations can take a toll on health and safety. The move from Wi Fi to cellular is a drive to get reliable service, at all times.

A private network is the answer to this, providing high throughput at low latency. This, in turn allows enterprises to guarantee a service level.


One size does not fit all. We offer the broadest portfolio of private network solutions supporting the widest range of use cases — giving you choice of the best solution to accelerate your organization’s digital transformation.

Discover the broadest portfolio of private network solutions and use cases to accelerate your connected transformation. Private networks provide reliable, secure, and agile 4G and 5G connectivity – giving businesses, industries, communities, and governments new levels of control.