Mission-critical WAN for Power utilities

Our mission is to provide reliable, secure, and scalable communication services for power utilities. Our WAN solution is designed to meet the essential network needs of grid automation, control, and monitoring. With our services, you can achieve a seamless extension of IEC 61850 from your digital substations to your utility control center and OT cloud. Our solution supports new Ethernet and IP-based protection, SCADA, and CCTV applications, allowing for graceful TDM traffic migration while preserving the integrity of traditional differential and teleprotection systems, as well as SCADA. We understand the need for flexible and adaptable network solutions. That is why our converged IP/MPLS and packet optical network offers support for growing Ethernet and IP application traffic, digital substations, and evolves with IEC 61850 and OT cloud. Our solution also includes support for LTE access or satellite link, carrying IP/MPLS services over an optical or packet microwave transmission layer. This versatile solution ensures high availability and stringent quality of service (QoS) for traditional TDM and new IP/Ethernet traffic, including teleprotection and differential protection.

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Succeed with a complete WAN solution

Realize the benefits of an adaptive grid communications network. With our IP/MPLS network for utilities, you can support all traffic types and use one management system for all your IP/MPLS, fiber and microwave network assets. Additionally, your can extend the grid communications seamlessly into your data centers.

  • SA Power Networks deploys IP/MPLS 
  • Photonic transport networks for utilities
  • Harness the power of a utility private OT cloud

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