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The automotive industry is experiencing a significant transformation marked by evolving government regulations, sustainable goals, and unpredictable supply chains. To keep up with this fast-paced change and remain competitive, it’s crucial to adopt smart, agile, and efficient manufacturing operations and retail businesses. That’s where intelligent automation and cloud computing come in, powered by an industrial-grade private wireless network.
Introducing new manufacturing processes with flexibility and digital technologies could revolutionize the automotive industry. This could include collaborative mobile robots, wireless IoT devices, and vision systems, supported by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and edge cloud computing. 

To effectively implement these smart factory solutions, a scalable and secure private wireless network infrastructure is required, with 4G/5G as the preferred platform. By leveraging these next-gen capabilities, enterprises can upgrade their automotive factories and reinvent retail operations, making them more dynamic and responsive to meet consumer demands.

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Project Info

Optimize productivity and quality while lowering costs

Speed up processes, lower operating costs and improve quality with intelligent business applications that connects your production lines over a 5G, industrial grade private network.


Increase process and system agility

Rapidly reconfigure your manufacturing floor using digital twins that are created with the collection of more real-time data and analytics to introduce new models or to adjust production volumes for better more informed decision making.


Adapt to changing social dynamics and consumer preferences

Reduce the design concept to the production phase by keeping pace with rapidly shifting trends in vehicle models, powertrain technology, human-machine interfaces and alternative ownership options.

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